TWIG Natural laúndry vinegar
TWIG Natural laúndry vinegar
TWIG Natural laúndry vinegar

TWIG Natural laúndry vinegar

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Hetkinen laundry vinegar will make your laundry smell clean and fresh, just like authentic conifer needles. It will smell like your clothes had spent a day in the woods.

Laundry vinegar is made of organic Finnish spirit vinegar. The scent comes from genuine essential oils and extracts made of Finnish spruce and pine needles.

Laundry vinegar is suitable for all kinds of laundry. It protects the textile and extends the lifespan of your clothes. Laundry vinegar also keeps the colors of your clothes bright and vibrant. Laundry vinegar does not cover unpleasant odors but neutralizes them completely. The smell of organic vinegar evaporates entirely as the textile dries out, leaving only a clean and mild scent of Finnish forest.

Maintains colors

Extends the life of the textile

Softens laundry and removes the static

Also cleans and freshens the washing machine

Does not burden nature

Package size 500 ml
Country of origin Finland

acetic acid, aqua, pinus sylvestris oil, picea mariana oil, pinus sylvestris extract, picea abies exract, rosmarinus officinalis oil, mentha piperita oil,
picea abies wood extract, citral*, linalool*, limonene*

YES natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, fresh, gentle and skilled artisan process
NO preservative, synthetics,  colour, alcohol


How to & usage


acts as a fabric conditioner, refreshing and softening the laundry.

How to

Shake the bottle before using. Dispense vinegar 2-3 caps directly into the washing machine rinsing box.

This product contains

  • black spruce oil

    black spruce oil

    Black spruce essential oil has an immediate grounding effect. It is great for centering, calming and focusing. If one can picture the full, majestic Black Spruce tree, a sense of rootedness and expansiveness occurs. Once feeling grounded, we can feel more connected to our breath, opening and expanding on many levels.

  • peppermint essential oil

    peppermint essential oil

    Peppermint's fresh and cooling scent is familiar to many. It stimulates the mind, and alleviates stress, depression, and fatigue. The refreshing nature of peppermint also aids concentration. 

  • pine essential oil

    pine essential oil

    The essential oil of pine brings the fresh scent of a forest into the product. It opens and strengthens your airways. Pine oil also enhances blood circulation and reduces muscle pain, as well as arthritic symptoms. Resin scented pine oil is known to increase positive traits such as durability, persistence and self-confidence.
  • pine needles

    pine needles

    The pine needles we use have been collected in winter. That is when the aromas in the needles are at their best. The needles contain vitamins, minerals, and flavonoids.

  • rosemary essential oil

    rosemary essential oil

    Rosemary oil smells spicy fresh and stimulates skins blood circulation.
  • spruce resin

    spruce resin

    The healing and protecting effect of spruce resin is based on the resin and coumaric acids along with lignans that the resin contains. It is a renewable natural product that is also antiseptic, reduces inflammation, and speeds up skin regeneration. We collect the resin from the tree trunk. It doesn’t cause any damage to the growth of the tree.

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