lichen-bark sense oil
lichen-bark sense oil
lichen-bark sense oil

lichen-bark sense oil

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Sense oil will brighten your days and become the secret behind the healthy and well-being of your skin.

A curative ancient infused natural oil made of mystical Finnish beard lichen and spruce bark.

This lichen-bark sense oil strengthens your skin and makes your skin power in a special way. Sense oil contains usnea which is a type of lichen that grows on trees. Usnea contains ingredients that are thought to fight germs that might cause infections, healing zinc sulfate and usnic acid. The product also contains Finnish oatmeal oil, which is a super grain growing in the pure fields. The oatmeal oil contains beta-gluten and aventramides. It provides effective protection against free radicals and premature aging. The oil extract made from lapland lichen is healing and pure, and it enlivens the senses. The product also contains almond oil, apricot oil, grape seed oil, and vegetable glycerin. The aromatic fragrance is fortified with essential oils of may chang and juniper.

In the fragrance of the body oil, you can sense shades of brown and grey: bark, root, and lichen.

You can use sense oil for your hands and arms, both legs and feet, as well as the whole body.

Add where-ever you need natures' glow and healing power.

All the raw materials for making sense oil are collected in a way that has not endangered the plant's lifetime. The roots are still on the ground, which guarantees a lovely blossom, berries, and tree harvest next year as well.

The most amazing and sensible skincare your skin could ever hope for!

Package size 100 ml
Country of origin Finland

avena sativa (oat) kernel oil, prunus amygdalus sativa kernel oil, prunus armeniaca oil, vitis vinifera oil, glycerin, cladonia stellaris exract, usnea longissima exract, picea exelsa exract, litsea cubeba oil, juniperus communis oil 

YES natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, fresh, gentle and skilled artisan process
NO preservative, synthetics,  colour, alcohol


How to & usage


For the whole body, especially the super-dry spots on the body such as elbows, knees, and heels. Add extra glow for legs, use as a massage oil, and for the face and lips. You can also mix the oil with other skincare products to bring more moisturization. You can try the oil for your hair, especially for the dry ends, as well.

How to

Shake the bottle and then apply a suitable number of drops to your hand. Take a moment and spread the oil to the skin in peace. Make big, rotating movements and rub the oil properly into the skin. This will give you an extra glow on your skin.

This product contains

  • glycerin


    Glycerin binds and retains the moisture in the skin. It also makes the skin feel soft and elastic.

  • apricot kernel oil

    apricot kernel oil

    Apricot seed oil is a softly spreading oil that makes the skin feel silky smooth. The light composition of the oil absorbs and nourishes even the most demanding sort of skin. The golden oil is rich in oleic and linolenic acid, in other words, unsaturated fatty acids.

  • grape seed oil

    grape seed oil

    Grape seed oil absorbs into the skin very effectively. Colorless oil contains vitamin E and lots of flavonoids, which are important for skin well-being. The grape seed oil works effectively with other oils, helping the product to absorb efficiently into the skin.

  • juniper essential oil

    juniper essential oil

    Juniper is one of the best known traditional medicinal plants of Finland. Essential oil is made from its ripe, black berries.
  • spruce resin

    spruce resin

    The healing and protecting effect of spruce resin is based on the resin and coumaric acids along with lignans that the resin contains. It is a renewable natural product that is also antiseptic, reduces inflammation, and speeds up skin regeneration. We collect the resin from the tree trunk. It doesn’t cause any damage to the growth of the tree.

  • sweet almond oil

    sweet almond oil

    Almond oil makes the skin smooth and improves elasticity. It contains large amounts of vitamin E, which is essential to the skin. Almond oil is often suitable even for people with nut allergies, as it contains no proteins.

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