metsä forest bath powder
metsä forest bath powder
metsä forest bath powder

metsä forest bath powder

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Soothe your soul with a forest bath. Trees release phytoncides, which boost your immune system and help fight of sickness.

Take a moment with forest bath in your home. Close your eyes and engage your senses  - you feel like being in the middle of the Finnish forest.

Package size 120 ml
Country of origin Finland
Ingredients sodium carbonate, citric acid, solanum tuberosum starch, avena sativa (oat) meal extract, maris sal, picea abies bark, picea exelsa, betula pubescens extract, pinus sylvestris oil, lavandula angustifolia oil, CI 77288 *linalool, *limonene, (*essential oil component)
YES natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, plastic free, fresh, gentle and skilled artisan process
NO preservative, alcohol, synthetics, water, colour, plastic


How to & usage

Usage hand bath, foot bath
How to

1. make your bath ready - warm water

2. take a bathpowder with your dry hands and sprinkle it to the surface

3. enjoy and relax, the forest healing power is surrounded you

This product contains

  • lavender essential oil

    lavender essential oil

    Lavender oil relaxes, soothes, and balances out the body and mind.
  • pine essential oil

    pine essential oil

    The essential oil of pine brings the fresh scent of a forest into the product. It opens and strengthens your airways. Pine oil also enhances blood circulation and reduces muscle pain, as well as arthritic symptoms. Resin scented pine oil is known to increase positive traits such as durability, persistence and self-confidence.
  • birch leaves

    birch leaves

    Birch is the most common broad-leaved tree in Finland. Saponins and essential oils in the birch leaves cleanse, moisturize, and nurture the skin. The leaves we use are collected early in the spring when the leaves are full of nutrients. The collecting of the leaves has not harmed the tree itself.

  • citric acid

    citric acid

    Natural citric acid is an organic acid. Citric acid is obtained from citrus fruits. Citric acid acts as an antioxidant and natural preservative that regulates the pH balance. In a bath powder, it creates bubbles and brings acidity into the water.

  • oatmeal powder

    oatmeal powder

    Finland is a major oat producer. Oat is the most important grain exported from Finland. Oat starch that is refined into fine powder helps to brighten the skin tone. It also removes extra grease from the skin without drying the skin. Oat has many good oils and soothing components.

  • organic potato flour

    organic potato flour

    Organic potato starch binds moisture and leaves your armpits feeling dry.
  • sea salt

    sea salt

    The minerals in sea salt give overall balance to the skin. Sea salt is suitable for all skin types and is especially useful for dry skin. The salt crystals melt in use and mix with the lather, making it gentler to the skin. Salt also makes the soap last longer in use.

  • sodium bicarbonate

    sodium bicarbonate

    Neutralises skin´s bacteria which cause body odour.
  • spruce bark

    spruce bark

    Spruce bark contains iron, manganese, vitamins B1, B2, C, and flavonoids. The bark helps to smooth the ageing skin and refresh the memory. The spruce bark we use, is a by-product of the refinement of the resin that we yet utilize. There is an aroma of the resin still left in the bark.

  • spruce resin

    spruce resin

    The healing and protecting effect of spruce resin is based on the resin and coumaric acids along with lignans that the resin contains. It is a renewable natural product that is also antiseptic, reduces inflammation, and speeds up skin regeneration. We collect the resin from the tree trunk. It doesn’t cause any damage to the growth of the tree.

  • spruce sprout

    spruce sprout

    The young sprouts of the spruce are called spruce tips. Spruce tips have a fine and citrus-like aroma. They contain lots of carotene and vitamin C, essential oils, bitter substances, and resin. In skin care, the tips have an antiseptic effect, they warm the skin, and stimulate the peripheral blood circulation.

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