gingerbread hand wash
gingerbread hand wash
gingerbread hand wash
gingerbread hand wash

gingerbread hand wash

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gingerbread liquid hand soap

Get into the Christmas spirit and have yourself a natural and caring hand soap that smells like gingerbread. After washing your hands with this soap, your hands smell like real gingerbread dough. 

A natural, deep cleansing soap made from premium organic vegetable oils. A gentle formulation containing cinnamon, glove and tangerine to effectively cleanse the hands without drying them out. 

This seasonal product is available only for a limited time.

Package size 500 ml
Country of origin Finland
Ingredients aqua, potassium oleate, potassium cocoate, glycerin, potassium citrate, citric acid, citrus reticulata oil, cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf oil, eugenia caryophyllus bud oil, parfum (potential allergens): citral, cinellol, farnesol, coumarin
YES natural, vegan, efficient, fully biodegradable
NO preservative, alcohol, synthetics, colour


How to & usage

Usage hands, body
How to wet the skin with water, pump small amount of soap onto your hands. Rinse the skin with ample amounts of water.

This product contains

  • glycerin


    Glycerin binds and retains the moisture in the skin. It also makes the skin feel soft and elastic.

  • cinnamon leaf oil

    cinnamon leaf oil

  • citric acid

    citric acid

    Natural citric acid is an organic acid. Citric acid is obtained from citrus fruits. Citric acid acts as an antioxidant and natural preservative that regulates the pH balance. In a bath powder, it creates bubbles and brings acidity into the water.

  • clove bud essential oil

    clove bud essential oil

  • coconut butter

    coconut butter

    Due to the small molecular size of its fatty acids, the skin absorbs coconut butter quickly. It also balances out the other vegetable oils contained in the product.



  • olive oil

    olive oil

    Olive oil makes the soap soft, extremely healing, and slightly creamy.

  • tangerine essential oil

    tangerine essential oil

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