The scent of a fleeting moment.

Soft moss under your feet. Prickly pine needles in the palm of your hand. The calm forest at dusk and the vast skies at night. The smell of heartwood. Let go of the unnecessary. Reinvent your rituals and get closer to your roots. Start thinking simple.

Our philosophy

We honour the wisdom of Nordic nature and all that it has to offer us. That's why we choose and source our ingredients mindfully and use the purest essential oils that both smell good and do good. 

Our ingredients

No artificial ingredient is allowed in our antibacterial heartwood jars: we’ve put a stop to all parabens, artificial scents and colours, mineral oils and polyethylenes. It's as simple as that.

Our packaging

Our packaging is a part of our product: every body butter, lip balm and moisturiser is packed in a pine jar, made from the tree's fragrant heartwood. Antibacterial, beautiful and functional, heartwood is alive: it lives with seasons, expanding in the summer and retracting in the winter. Our jars are little mirrors of nature: beautifully unique and blissfully alive.