sisu hand disinfectant

sisu hand disinfectant

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effective and safe hand disinfectant

Sisu hand disinfectant spray is effective and safe hand disinfectant for daily use. Ethanol based hand disinfectant is easy to apply and it dries quickly because of its composition. Includes glyserol which nourishes and hydrates the skin and also essential oils of pine, spruce and Siberian fir. These super oils give the hand disinfectant spray its lovely scent of forest. Oils made of fir twigs are also shown to improve resistance and they give the product the healing power from Finnish forest. With Sisu hand disinfectant spray you can replace the actual hand wash when your hands are not visibly dirty. Disinfection protects the skin and prevents it from drying. 30ml pump bottle is versatile and it goes easily along.

Ingredients ethanol, glycerin, isopropylidene glycerol, abies alba oil, picea abies oil, pinus sylvestris oil, mentha piperita oil

70% alcohol, non stick,y fast acting, Finnish forest scent, moisturising, natural, cruelty free, vegan

NO preservative, synthetics


How to & usage

Usage killing effect on vegetative bacteria, fungi and viruses.
How to spray on hands, rub until dry, no rinsing necessary

This product contains

  • ethanol


    Denatured alcohol kills effectively bacteria, molds and yeasts. Evaporates very quickly without leaving residuals. 

  • glycerin


    Glycerin binds and retains the moisture in the skin. It also makes the skin feel soft and elastic.

  • peppermint essential oil

    peppermint essential oil

    Peppermint's fresh and cooling scent is familiar to many. It stimulates the mind, and alleviates stress, depression, and fatigue. The refreshing nature of peppermint also aids concentration. 

  • pine oil

    pine oil

    Pine essential oil is principally antiseptic, especially in purifying the air to combat unwanted bacteria.

  • fir essential oil

    fir essential oil

    The fresh, pine-like aroma of fir is used to soothe feelings of anxiousness and combat daily stress. The oil is steam distilled from a fragrant evergreen tree that thrives in the remote forests.  Fir oil improves circulation and is naturally antiseptic.

  • spruce essential oil

    spruce essential oil

    Spruce removes fatigue, stimulates the immune system, relaxes and helps during nervousness. Spruce oil has strong antibacterial effects. Spruce oil is disinfectant and offers protection from contamination, while carrying the fresh scent of forest.

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