majime fragrance
majime fragrance
majime fragrance

majime fragrance

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A significant scent of the mysterious roots

This scent is pure roots. The scent is mystical, dark mold, and very chic. The scent is full of success, the future, and the power of mother earth.

TOP NOTES chamomile

HEART NOTES myrrh, cedar

BASE NOTES ambrette

Scents go into emotions and are stored better in memory than other senses. So, it’s not irrelevant what kind of message you pass on about yourself to others.

The new majime fragrance consists of 100% natural oils, absolutes, fragrance components, and organic alcohol. The fragrance is unisex, and it adapt to their own personal scent on each skin/garment.

Package size 30 ml
Country of origin Finland

ethanol, anthemis nobilis oil, abelmoshus moshatus oil, commipihora myrrha oil, cedrus atlantica oil, pinus sylvestris oil, vaccinium myrtillus extract, vanilla planifolia oil, limonene, linalool, geraniol, citral, citronellol, farnesol, isoeugenol, coumarin, benzyl benzoate, eugenol

YES natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, fresh, gentle and skilled artisan process
NO preservative, synthetics,  colour


How to & usage

Usage Personal scent
How to

Spray it onto your pulse points

This product contains

  • cedarwood essential oil

    cedarwood essential oil

    Essential oil of cedarwood carries a warm camphor scent. This fresh coniferous scent has good qualities. Cedar enhances vitality and concentration.
  • ethanol


    Denatured alcohol kills effectively bacteria, molds and yeasts. Evaporates very quickly without leaving residuals. 

  • pine essential oil

    pine essential oil

    The essential oil of pine brings the fresh scent of a forest into the product. It opens and strengthens your airways. Pine oil also enhances blood circulation and reduces muscle pain, as well as arthritic symptoms. Resin scented pine oil is known to increase positive traits such as durability, persistence and self-confidence.
  • ambrette


    Known for its medicinal properties and its unique aroma, Ambrette has long been utilized as a plant-based substitute for animal musk in fragrances.
  • blueberry root extract

    blueberry root extract

    In addition to anthocyanins, blueberry roots have protoanthocyanides, flavonols and tannins, which act as antioxidants in addition to fragrance.
  • chamomile essential oil

    chamomile essential oil

    Roman chamomile oil has a warm sweet and herbal aroma. It is a prized fragrance oil that soothes the mind and body. Steam distilled from the tops of a flowering plant.
  • myrrh essential oil

    myrrh essential oil

    Slightly reminiscent of the scent of frankincenses, myrrh is familiar from the gifts of the wise men of the East. Myrrh is an antioxidant and antiseptic essential oil.
  • organic vanilla essential oil

    organic vanilla essential oil

    Soft, natural, and familiar to everyone, vanilla calms and warms with its scent.

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