Sustainability isn’t just one of our targets. It is the core of our actions and we consider it as a priority in every decision we make. The company was founded because of the lack of sustainable, beautiful and experiential cosmetic products, so the sustainability values have been with us since day one. We are determined to be pioneers in sustainable development and to inspire others to make more sustainable choices too. We want to change the world.

Read further for more information about our sustainability actions and goals.

our sustainability highlights

We think of sustainable development as actions, not just words. Here are some highlights of our concrete sustainability work. Our products have a very sustainable design. We offer multi-functional, modular, timeless design that doesn’t have a limited user base. We also offer refill products that guarantee even longer life to our products. We choose our materials under the conditions of nature. We are concerned about endangered species and the depletion of biodiversity, and that is why we choose our materials so that we do not contribute to these global problems. Therefore our materials are plant based, vegan and cruelty-free and they come from renewable sources. We are mindful of using only plant and tree species that are not at risk of becoming endangered.

We have a very low waste percentage. In 2023 we started a waste study at our production factory in Oriketo. Our production team is keeping track of second-quality and defective products, raw materials and packaging components, and we calculate the percentage of wasted material compared to full-quality products. Right now our estimated waste percentage is at 0.08 %. That is something we are very proud of. Right now we are taking actions to minimize the waste percentage especially in the product categories that produce the most waste, which are soap balls, candles and liquid soaps.

respecting nature and animals

Hetkinen is all about respecting nature and standing up for animal rights. Pure nature should not be taken for granted, and therefore we treat it with respect and love. The Finnish forest offers us recreation, a sense of security, health and inner peace, so we at Hetkinen want to give it back by bringing it respect with our products and by using its offerings responsibly and sustainably. We protect Finnish forests and speak against clearcutting. It is extremely important to us that we use raw materials that have not harmed nature or animals in any way. That is something we could never compromise on.



The key material in our products is premium-quality Finnish pine wood. Pine is the most common wood species in Finland, and that's why we chose it as our main material - we want to guarantee the preservation of biodiversity. We make sure to use only certified pine wood. 

We want to give the trees the longest possible life as carbon sinks. That's why the pine we use has lived as a tree in the forest for more than 70 years. Research has shown that when a tree exceeds this point, it actually emits more than it absorbs. That's the point where we offer the tree a new usage as a beautiful design product.

We love pine wood holistically. That way we can offer forest-luxury from every part of the pine tree - in addition to the wood itself, we also use the resin, essential oils, pine needles, saw dust and bark in our products. We want to share also other unique gifts of Finnish forests such as pure essential oils and extracts, gentle natural oils and vitamin-rich berries.

We are aware of the origin of the raw materials we use and we can trace them even back to the place of growth. We use organic, non-GMO and non-toxic ingredients that come from natural and renewable sources. We have a certified material collection process when purchasing materials for our products and we prefer materials that are produced nearby us. 

We absolutely adore the Finnish nature, and that’s why we want to share the luxury experience of a peaceful Finnish forest with everyone, everywhere.

lifetime products

An important aspect of developing a sustainable product is guaranteeing its long lifecycle. We are experts in that! A wooden product lasts a lifetime. 

We were the first ones to pack cosmetics straight to wooden packaging. In addition to the packaging being antibacterial, beautiful and unique, it is also an ecological and durable option. The good features of pine guarantee the excellent quality of the products. With our wooden packaging, we want to reduce the generation of plastic waste, because we are concerned about the global plastic problem. A wooden jar is a lifetime purchase that can be refilled or reused for different purposes.

circular design

We believe in a circular future, and that’s why our products are easy to reuse and recycle. We want to offer lifetime products, and that’s why we have designed our products to be modular, reusable or refillable. This diagram reflects on how we utilize circular economy models in our product design. 

A good example of our refillable products are the veggie candles with the DIY-candle set. By purchasing only the DIY-sets, you can get an “eternal candle”.

We also just released the refillable candle- and diffuser-vessels.

social responsibility

We want to promote equality and accessibility through our actions, and that’s why our products are made for EVERYONE. Products are designed so that everyone can safely use them, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or skin-type.

We also take care of social sustainability among our team. Our work community has a supportive atmosphere and we respect each other just the way we are. We share the same values ​​and the passion for nature and forest among the team and we value the HETKINEN-lifestyle and mindset in our personal lives also.

In our team, everyone has an important role. Our team consists of different experts and we consider everyone's expertise to be the strength of our teamwork. Our most important job is to share our passion and to exceed our customers’ expectations every single day.