scent diffuser sticks medium

scent diffuser sticks medium

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Our diffusers are very popular. They allow you to create a stunning atmosphere at home. Now you can vary your diffuser with different wooden scent sticks or change scent sticks with a new one if necessary.

Diffuser sticks are made of Finnish pine. The round ball at the end of the diffuser is turned from maple. Vary your room scent with extra sticks of your choosing to maximize the scent.

When the room scent runs out, the scent will remain alive for a long time to come. You can slip the wooden sticks into the wardrobe to refreshen the air.

Recommended for 200 ml scent diffuser. Also suitable for 100 ml scent diffusers for a different look and stronger scent.

Package size 1 natural pine stick and 1 pine stick with a maple ball
Country of origin Finland
YES natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, plastic free
NO synthetics,  colour, plastic


How to & usage

The sticks lift the scent and make it evaporate into the space.
How to

1. put the pine sticks into the glass bottle

2. scent rises up to the top and scents the room