wide drop diffuser
wide drop diffuser
wide drop diffuser
wide drop diffuser

wide drop diffuser

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This widest diffuser is a beautiful revelation on its own, and it comes well to its rights both in the kitchen and living room table.

We like to surround ourselves with wonderful scents and beautiful objects with a function. This is how Drop diffuser collection, made of Finnish pine, was born.

The idea of the collection is to drop your own favorite essential oil into the groove of the diffuser cover, from where the scent rises to the entire indoor air.

There is no more ecological and sustainable diffuser than this on the market.

The diffusers are a beautiful decorative element at home, in the office, or the car. Wherever you daily need a little luxury and scent pleasure.

Essential oil can be conveniently stored inside the diffuser, which can be opened.

Please note that the diffuser does not contain essential oil, it is selected separately. Also note that the diffuser only fits a 5 ml sized essential oil bottle (bottle diameter 23 mm).

Package size

Ø80mm x H83mm

Country of origin Finland
Material Finnish pine wood
Designer Antrei Hartikainen


How to & usage


Enjoy the countless scent nuances of the Finnish forest. Pine wood material keeps the scent clean and genuine. The scent disappears and evaporates from the wooden surface over time.

How to Add a drop of essential oil of your choosing to the diffuser and enjoy the aromatherapeutic moment.

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