sisu first aid kit

sisu first aid kit

All you need to keep your hands clean and soft — and your mind sharp

The world changes quickly. We also react quickly to the increased demand and need on the market. We want to do our part, to help and have an influence.

Sisu First Aid Kit was developed in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic disease. Even though we must keep physical distance to one another, we can keep each other mentally close.

We can take care of our grandparents, friends, and colleagues by sending them a Sisu package. Sisu First Aid Kit contains all that is necessary to maintain proper hand hygiene. Handy bottles are easy to carry along.

The name Sisu picked out to be the name for this first-aid set due to the words said by the Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin: “Finnish sisu will carry us through this”.

With sisu, we will survive through difficult times.

Sisu First Aid Kit is available for a limited time. It will not be part of our standard collection.

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