the wooden jar

wooden cosmetic packaging

The wooden jars are manufactured from Finnish Pine heart wood. No chemicals are used in the process as the tree is naturally antibacterial. Our supplier is PECF certified, and the wood we use is also certified. This way we can trace the material we use all the way to where the tree was planted.


take care of your product

It is part of nature and behaves as such. Each jar is unique, and it has a distinct wood grain pattern. If the jar is exposed to extreme temperatures of fluctuating moisture, it may react.

Wood has a natural ability to absorb some moisture, and it needs time to acclimate to new surroundings. When in a new environment, it can take a bit of time before it can fine-tune its moisture levels, and the lid might feel loose or tight to begin with.

Store in a dry place, but don´t worry if you accidentally forget it somewhere damp. Once you bring it back to a dry environment, you can recycle the jar. You can burn it, compost it, or take it to a wood recycling centre. The jar is made entirely of wood and it won´t burden the environment.