kokeshi scent necklace
kokeshi scent necklace

kokeshi scent necklace

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The Kokeshi scent necklace brings happiness and joy alongside a lovely scent, to the person wearing it. This product is for everyone who doesn't want to put fragrance on their skin but still wants a scent to carry with them at the right moments. The fragrance accompanies the pendant, and when you take the necklace off, the scent also disappears.

The scent-spreading timeless jewelry has a shape that respects the round shape of the tree. The design combines the essence of Japanese and Finnish culture, enjoying the moment and finding happiness in it.

The scent that comes with the pendant guides your thoughts to the forest, where everyone has free access.

The Kokeshi necklace is made of whole wood with a linen twine. The design of the product is printed poison-free directly on the wood. At the top of the pendant is a well, where you can add fragrance with the help of the oil bottle that comes with the product.

Package size W43mm  x H43mm x D43mm
Country of origin Finland
Material Finnish maple wood
Mona Isotupa


How to & usage

Usage scent necklace
How to Add a drop of fragrance oil to the necklace and enjoy the aromatherapeutic moment.

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