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This is sensible skincare.

Natural oil extract moisturizes the entire skin of the body. Sense body oil is praise for the pure nature of Finland and the ease of skincare. You can use the oil directly to moisturize the skin or add and mix it with your favorite cream. Sense body oil also works brilliantly as a massage oil.

The oils within sense body oil are carefully selected to nourish dry skin and maintain the skin’s moisture protection. The wood, berry, and flower extracts remind you of nature and bring the visuality of nature to your daily skincare routines. After all, we all know the healing power of nature, now you can see and experience it on your skin better than ever. Oil also protects your skin from external factors. The natural and earthy fragrance comes from genuine oil extracts and pure essential oils. The fragrance is so lovely and authentic that you don’t need to add any perfume. It can be the only scent used on your skin.

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