pine wood

we believe in pine

Did you know by now that we at Hetkinen love the Finnish pine? We will keep talking about it as long as every human in the whole wide world knows. We have made a promise with the pine. We promised to highlight its beauty as well in our products as we know-how.

Did you know that pine is one of the most common trees in Finland, and it is naturally antibacterial? Antibacterial means that the wood material contains natural ingredients that prevent bacteria from growing on its surface. The wood has good qualities that also affect our health and well-being. We have harnessed the best carpenters and designers in the country to take good care of our pine. We appreciate our wonderful nature and its awesome raw materials. The appreciation also includes minimizing material waste which is very important to us.

Did you know that we can get about 800 wooden packages out of one pine tree? The sawdust, that comes from making packages from wood, is used for other products. Material loss is 0 %. For every tree used, we plant at least two more trees.

When we take from nature, we always want to give it back, too. We support forest protection and animal rights.

our pine

We only use Finnish pine Wood.

Pine is the most common tree variety in Finland, and it has a very sustainable population.

The highest quality Wood comes from the harsh climates of Finland, where the tree grows slowly, making it a durable and dense material.