organic black spruce oil
organic black spruce oil
organic black spruce oil
organic black spruce oil

organic black spruce oil

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Picea Mariana

Boosts self-confidence

The aroma of black spruce reminds of the Finnish spruce. It has effect on clearing the mind and deepening the breathing. Black Spruce is known for boosting self-confidence and positive thinking. The fresh soft aroma carries the thoughts to comforting forests. The refreshing and rejuvenating aroma relieves  feelings of exchaustion and depression.

When used with a diffuser, the inhaled spruce aroma is known to ease stress and calm the mind and in this way it helps to improve general well being.

Soil association organic certified.

Package size 5 ml
Country of origin Canada
The main components

bornyl acetate








How it is made

The essential oil is distilled from the needles.

Did you know?

The black spruce works strongly on the solar plexus area, eases the tension and boosts physical energy.


How to & usage

Usage Hetkinen drop diffuser, aroma theraphy
How to

Enjoy the countless scent nuances of the Finnish forest. Add a drop of essential oil  to the diffuser and enjoy the aromatherapeutic moment. Pine wood material keeps the scent clean and genuine. The scent disappears and evaporates from the wooden surface over time.

Dont use direct to your skin.

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